Special Offers

Book your appointment today and save up to 50% on selected massage treatments.


 Rise and shine.. Boost your body with energy to face the day ahead! Book a massage between 8:00 AM-10:00 AM and get 30% OFF the original price, on your first booking starting from £27.50

Available location: Covent Garden

30% OFF


Stress Buster

Treat yourself to some relaxation time and save 20% OFF the original price on your first booking starting from £32.00

Available locations: Covent Garden, Holborn,

between 16:30-20:00.

Waterloo/Thursdays from 8:00-14:30

20% OFF


Tranquility in the City 

Relax in a tranquil environment away from your commitments in central London and save 10% OFF the original price at your choice of location. 

 Available locations: Bayswater

10% OFF


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